09 December, 2022

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Your team’s performance accounts for the majority of Valorant’s rating, with your performance having a little smaller influence. But it changes as you rise in the ranks. Like all the other multiplayer games out there, Valorant offers a casual style of play, but you’ll spend most of your time playing in the competitive ranked mode. If you have mastered Raze or want to compete against people that use Reyna similarly to you, the Valorant rankings are the place to be.


Nine tiers of ranks, from Iron to Radiant, make up the current Valorant ranking scheme. Every Valorant rank tier, except Radiant, has three sub-ranks, with rank one serving as the lowest and rank three as the highest. The tactical shooter from Riot Games has 25 Valorant ranks, omitting Unranked. While the top 1% of players in each region will get Immortal rank, the top 500 players in each region will obtain Radiant rank instead. There is no doubt that you should establish yourself. There will be more RR for wins and less RR for losses as you approach the top of the Rank you are being “tested” for. Voilà! You and your MMR are now “converging.”

Valorant functions on the Matchmaking Rating system (MMR). Your rank and MMR will ultimately converge quite closely (unless of course, you begin to lose, then your MMR will begin to drop). When this happens, you will get about an equal amount of RR (Rank Rating) for victories and defeats. Now that you have achieved your MMR, you must improve your abilities and outperform your competitors if you wish to surpass our early forecasts. Usually, you have a 50%-win rate at your MMR. Even with a 50%-win rate, you may go on a sustained winning streak and get promoted to a level above your MMR.

If you don’t manipulate the system or purchase an account, our placement algorithm can get you very close to your MMR. Additionally, the competitive MMR calibration for new players is aided by the level 20 account requirement. We gain a better understanding of a player’s skill before they become ranked, said EvrMoar. Players must also complete 60 to 100 games to get there, which should help them learn. If you’re only participating in 10 games every Episode, it’s time to go back to the server to finish your Act rank triangle.


As one Profile Level is equal to 5000 Account Points (AP), you must amass 95000 AP to access ranked play. The simplest way to achieve this is to spam Unrated and Spike Rush games (however, if you’re new to the game, we recommend Unrated; it’s better for learning the fundamentals). If you play the game for around three hours every day, we think you can reach Profile Level 20 in about a week. You must climb the ranks to reach Radiant, which is the game’s highest rank. To give trustworthy performances and collaboration, the system has been optimized. Here is a summary of Valorant’s rating structure:

Even if you are having a bad streak in Valorant, if you are performing well, your rank will not drop quickly. You also get tier protection when you level up in Valorant, which prevents your ranking from being immediately lowered if you lose your next few games.


Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant are the different ranks. Each rank has three levels, with Radiant being the exception. The better your rank, the higher the number. Over time, your rank will have a direct impact on your Act Rank. To meet our requirements for what it means to be in the top ranks of VALORANT, Immortal+ players will find it challenging to drop back to their previous episode rank. Immortal will thus have fewer players on leaderboards in all areas. Joining forces with a friend who is lower rated won’t have a detrimental impact on your MMR or RR increases, even in five stacks.

For your rank to reach your MMR, it normally takes 20 to 40 games. To put it another way, you must be at or close to your MMR if you take part in 20 to 40 rated matches in a single episode. This is the simplest method to assess if you’re close to your MMR, other than equal +/- RR. The longest we’ve seen is 100 games for a person to reach their Rank/MMR. We suspect that they might be controlled, such as through deliberate losing streaks, or they could just be extremely unlucky. Give it your all and smash some games; after 40 games, you should hit your MMR.

If all goes according to the plan, your Variance will drop, making it more challenging to modify your MMR. On the other hand, if you begin to surpass expectations, your variance expands and your MMR quickens! This idea has taken the place of the MMR average for all games played. Wins over opponents of a high caliber may therefore help you advance. Avoiding the strongest enemy may extend your life, but it will not help you advance. In a duel, you will gain more MMR if you can defeat a higher-rated foe than if you defeat the foe with the lowest skill. Each player receives a pistol buddy for the highest Act Rank they attained during that episode after each episode ends.

In a nutshell, if you are a skilled player and is looking for an account that has skins, it is advised that you buy an account of the upper tiers such as Diamond, Platinum, etc., however, if you are a new player who is looking for getting good at the game and not vouching for taking a shot at losing to make your skill better, then the lower tiers such as Iron, Bronze, and silver should be your go-to choice.

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